CASA GARCIA ALVARADO ׀ ׀ Luxury travel in Peru


Dear Mrs. Astudillo,
Visiting Casa Garcia Alvarado was very delightful and one of the high-lights of our latest visit to Peru. Everybody enjoyed your home but specially you and your warm hospitality.
I still would like to apologize for having the men show in shorts for lunch. We have the excuse that luggage was lost and they were all prepared for hiking the Inka Trail.
Both my husband and I are staunch preservationists, so we really appreciate the work you are doing. Not sure exactly how Peru feels about preservation. If you were not to do what you are doing, it would be lost forever, for everybody.

CASA GARCIA ALVARADO ׀ ׀ Luxury travel in Peru ׀ ׀ T: (511) 999-852989 ׀ ׀ D: Av. Larco 311 Lima 18, Perú
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